5 Reasons Why Antibiotics Are The Best

Antibiotics are the best and it’s a scary thing that we may lose them, so show your support with the hashtag #ThankyouAntibiotics and let’s give them some time off. Here are 5 reasons why antibiotics are just the best.

  1. They increased our average lifespan! By decreasing the amount of infection based deaths (particularly in children and the elderly) our average life span has increased significantly.
  2. They help us fight cancer and transplant organs! Both cancer and organ donation result in weakened immune systems (due to chemotherapy with cancer, and immunosuppressants with organ donation). Antibiotics help keep the patient free from bacterial infections while their immune systems are down.
  3. Antibiotics helped the allies win world war 2! The widespread availability of penicillin for the allied troops allowed them to survive the injuries of war and other battlefield infections such as gangrene. The axis soldiers only had access to the less effective ‘sulfa’ drugs, which microbes became resistant to after a short period.
  4. Antibiotics made surgery a (relatively) safe procedure. By decreasing the risk of post surgery infection, antibiotics drastically increased the prospects of surviving even the simplest of surgeries.
  5. Antibiotics are selective. Certain antibiotics kill certain bacteria and not others, meaning we can take them without the risk of the good bacteria inside us getting wiped out.

So thankyou antibiotics for all the good you do, have done and hopefully will do in the future to come. I’m sorry we’ve abused you in the past, I promise we’ll be more responsible from now on. #ThankyouAntibiotics

Stay Well.

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