7 Global Changes That Need To Occur

In a previous article, which you can read here, we presented 7 things YOU can do to help prevent antibiotic resistance. Today we’re looking at the big picture. Here are 7 global changes that need to occur to save our antibiotics.

  1. Greater education of healthcare professionals to know when to prescribe antibiotics and when not to (Why?)
  2. More focused research on developing faster, more accurate infection diagnosis tools (Why?)
  3. Greater focus on researching and developing new antibiotics (Why?)
  4. Greater focus on researching and developing new alternatives to antibiotics (Why?)
  5. Greater industrial regulation of the livestock industry pertaining to its usage of antibiotics (Why?)
  6. Greater infection control in healthcare facilities, from hospitals to nursing homes, to prevent breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria.
  7. A change in societal attitudes towards being sick. Increase acceptance that it is okay to feel sick, to take time off work and let your immune system do its job.

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