7 Things YOU Can Do To Help Prevent Antibiotic Resistance!

  1. Only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary, take some time off work and let your immune system handle it!
  2. Ask your doctor if you really need the antibiotics they are prescribing you! Some doctors do prescribe them for anything, including viruses!
  3. Know the difference between bacterial infections and viral infections, you take antibiotics to kill bacteria and antivirals to kill viruses. They are not interchangeable, know the difference!
  4. If you are prescribed antibiotics by your doctor take the correct dosage at the correct time of day, ask your doctor or pharmacist to clarify if you’re not sure! (Why?)
  5. If you are prescribed antibiotics finish your prescription! Even if you start feeling better is it crucial that you finishing taking all of the antibiotics you were prescribed. (Why?)
  6. Avoid buying and consuming livestock products that were fed antibiotics. (Why?)
  7. Maintain a high standard of general health and sanitation. (Why?)

Stay Well.

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15 thoughts on “7 Things YOU Can Do To Help Prevent Antibiotic Resistance!

  1. I’m tempted to think that a lot of this stuff is common sense, then I go through your list again and realise that I don’t even think about these points all that much when taking medicine. Antibiotic resistance can definitely become an issues, and it’s scary to realise how close we can get without proper moderation. Great article!


    1. I agree, always thought that this would be common sense type things but I honestly don’t pay any attention to it! Glad this post provides essential tips on how to avoid such an issue 🙂


  2. Never would have thought that not finishing my antibiotics will lead to such repercussions!
    Also, love that you kept your post short and sweet and direct us to relevant info! Please keep up the good work:)


  3. These are great! I had no idea that the treatment of bacterial and viral infections are different, my doctor always gives me antibiotics so now i don’t go unless I’m really sick, I just takes heaps of vitamin C and let my body fight it off.


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